About Us

Field of Ability is a project launched on behalf of Quinte Challenger Baseball to construct a FULLY ACCESSIBLE,  BARRIER FREE ball diamond.  

Over the years, players of Challenger Baseball have had difficulty reaching their full potential and fully benefiting from the game of baseball due to a very hard, rugged, non-accessible ball field.  Our current field is a barrier; it does not promote independent play.  It is hard to maneuver around for those using mobility devices and has an uneven terrain for those with gait issues.  Damages to mobility devices have occurred, resulting in costly repairs for families.   Weather also impacts the field and can cause game cancellations and sad faces.

All of this and more is the reason the “Field of Ability” was launched.   INCLUSION is the focus of this project, giving EVERY child the opportunity to play baseball in a fun, safe environment with NO BARRIERS.   Our goal is to revitalize an existing community ball field to a “Field of Ability”.

There isn’t a field of this kind between Toronto and Ottawa.  The construction of Quinte’s Field of Ability means that we would be home to the 5th barrier free field in Ontario! 

This field is so much more than just a place to play ball.  It is a place that will give children, youth and adults:
• A sense of belonging to a team
• Encourage teamwork
• Build self-confidence
• Encourage social and communication skills
• Increase physical activity
• Increase gross motor strength and endurance
• Build friendships for both parents and players
• And give lasting memories.

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Our goal is to revitalize an existing ball field in our community (Parkdale Veterans Park)  to a fully accessible, barrier-free ball field. 

This would include a complete rubberized surface for easier mobility, promoting independent play and physical activity.  Our field will be fully fenced to increase safety for high risk runners and build self-esteem and confidence for those homerun hitters… over the fence!!  Our design includes accessible dugouts for coaches and all players to gather together as a team, and bleachers to give families and fans the real baseball experience. 

With this design, families will be able to enjoy watching their child play without any blocked views, and without having to transport their own lawn chairs along with their children who might already have extensive equipment needs.  This will also provide families in similar circumstances a chance to connect and socialize, all while watching their kids have fun! Currently, our field is a distance from the parking lot and not easily accessible causing fatigue on players prior to playing.  The Field of Ability will provide paved parking and pathways to and from the diamond, as well as accessible bathrooms to eliminate families having to leave the game to try and find a nearby bathroom.

Our wish list also includes a scoreboard and announcer booth, to bring more fun and excitement to the games, and a picnic area to allow families to gather before and after games, in a totally inclusive environment.  A Donor Wall will recognize all those that made this dream a reality, and a Memorial Wall will pay tribute to our lost athletes. 

Fully Accessible, Barrier Free